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We at Yuksom Breweries Limited understands the need for a quality brew in a culture prevalent with rich brewing tradition, along with an attitude for good taste was established in 1987.

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Gernail Raan

For Bakra Eid in 2018, we celebrated it by introducing a Raan that is reminiscent of the cuisine on the Grand Trunk Road.
This tendered Raan is served on its own with reduced and dried masala roast gravy. It arrives on a wheeled cart with all the pomp and show it deserves. The raan truly lives up to the term ‘fall off the bone’ and you can relish it with traditional taftan bread or with a fluffy bed of rice. One might be tempted to have the raan alone but it truly is one of those things that are best experienced when shared.
The Gernaili Raan was only available for the week following Bakra Eid but it sold so well that we have made it part of our everyday À la carte menu. So come savour our raan in all its mouthwatering glory and don’t forget to share.

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